The ‘Boat People’ & Legal Immigration Levels

Unacceptable volumes of legal & illegal immigration into the UK: A Closer Look


In recent years, the issue of immigration has become a significant concern in the UK, with both illegal and legal immigration raising questions about the nation’s security, resources, and identity.

The influx of people seeking an economically better life, both through legal means and by illegal and dangerous journeys, has sparked a national debate. In this article, we will explore the impact of immigration on the people of Spen Valley and the nation as a whole.

Additionally, we will delve into Reform UK Party’s 6 Step Emergency Immigration Plan, which aims to address the challenges posed by “The Boat People” and create a more secure and controlled legal immigration system. Watch out for my Vlogs in the coming months for updates on both.

How Does It Affect You?

The impact of immigration is felt on various levels, both nationally and locally in Spen Valley. Here are some key aspects of how immigration affects the people:

  1. Strain on Public Services: The significant influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, places immense pressure on public services like healthcare, education, and housing. Longer waiting times and overcrowded classrooms can be experienced, which affects not just immigrants but also the local residents who rely on these services.
  2. Job Market Competition: With an increasing number of immigrants entering the job market, there is fierce competition for employment opportunities. This can lead to wage suppression and job insecurity for both native workers and immigrants alike.
  3. Cultural Impact: Immigration can bring diversity and enrich a society’s culture. However, it can also raise concerns about maintaining national identity and cohesion. Striking a balance between embracing cultural diversity and preserving core values can be challenging.
  4. National Security: Uncontrolled immigration can create vulnerabilities in the nation’s security, as it becomes harder to monitor and identify potential threats. Proper border control and effective immigration policies are crucial to ensuring national safety.

In an around the Spen Valley constituency there are hundreds of Boat People being housed at the taxpayer expense in hotels. These hotels are managed by 3rd Party contractors like Serco, attended regularly by services, of which British Citizens currently struggle to access.

They are visited weekly by neighbourhood policing teams, GPs, and dentists. I’m not sure how many people are aware of this on top of the seismic £6 million PER DAY directly from our pay packets.

What Do I think?

As the issue of immigration intensifies, it is essential to address the concerns and propose practical solutions.

Reform UK Party acknowledges the urgency of the situation and has developed a comprehensive 6 Step Emergency Immigration Plan to tackle the challenges posed by “The Boat People” and immigration as a whole. The plan includes the following measures:

  1. Declare a National Security Threat: Recognizing the gravity of uncontrolled immigration, a formal declaration of a national security threat is essential to prioritize and expedite necessary actions.
  2. Leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR): Exiting the ECHR allows the UK to exercise greater control over its immigration policies and ensures that the nation’s interests take precedence.
  3. Confirm Zero Illegals Are Resettled: Ensuring that no illegal immigrants are granted settlement status helps maintain the integrity of the immigration system and discourages unlawful entry.
  4. Create a New Department of Immigration: Establishing a specialized department dedicated to immigration enables efficient handling of immigration matters and streamlines processes.
  5. Pick Up the Boats and Take Them Back to France: To address the dangerous issue of illegal immigration via dangerous sea journeys, intercepting boats and returning them to France discourages such perilous attempts.
  6. Set Up Offshore Processing Centers: Implementing offshore processing centers enables the UK to assess asylum claims efficiently while maintaining border control.

Reform UK Party’s commitment to addressing “The Boat People” and the broader immigration challenge showcases a dedication to creating a secure and controlled immigration system that benefits the people of Spen Valley and the entire nation.

So, let’s get Sarah Wood of Spen Valley and the other Reform Candidates into government and enact this plan ASAP. Here’s just a few ideas of what we might spend that £2.19 billion per year on:

  1. More Nurses: With the average annual salary of a nurse in the UK being around £33,000, the £2.19 billion could fund approximately 66,364 additional nurses for a year. This increase in nursing staff could significantly reduce waiting times and improve the overall quality of healthcare services in Spen Valley.
  2. Road Repairs: The cost of repairing and maintaining roads can vary depending on the scale of the projects, but on average, it costs around £1 million per mile to resurface a road. With £2.19 billion, it could cover the resurfacing of approximately 2,190 miles of roads, enhancing transportation and safety in the area.
  3. More Police on the Streets: The average salary of a police constable in England and Wales is around £25,000 per year. With the allocated budget, approximately 87,600 police officers could be employed for a year. This boost in police presence would help combat crime and improve security in Spen Valley.
  4. Increased GP Appointments: On average, a GP appointment costs around £45. With £2.19 billion, approximately 48.6 million additional GP appointments could be made available to the community, reducing waiting times and ensuring timely access to healthcare services.
  5. Local Council Funding: Local councils play a vital role in providing essential services to communities. The £2.19 billion could significantly bolster local council budgets, supporting initiatives in education, social services, infrastructure, and community development.