The ‘Net Zero’ Debacle

Inaccuracy, control and scare-mongering politics


Our concern for the environment and desire for cleaner air is unquestionable. However, the current Westminster Net Zero plan is proving to be more harmful than beneficial.

It is making us all Net Poorer while outsourcing emissions overseas, leading to rising costs for consumers and businesses. This approach jeopardises hundreds of thousands of British jobs, putting us at strategic risk.

The Reform UK Party has a better solution—a strategic and affordable energy plan that utilises our abundant energy resources, creating British jobs, and reducing costs for consumers.

Follow my Vlogs here over the next months, where we will delve into two critical aspects: [1] The sources of our energy and our independence and [2] A candid discussion about the “Climate Change Narrative” and its true implications.

How Does It Affect You?

One example of how the Climate Change ‘Narrative’ and the Net Zero Debacle directly affect us locally is the push for Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a cleaner mode of transport.

While promoted as an environmentally friendly option, it presents challenges for businesses like Cummins Turbo Technologies in Huddersfield, where many employees in the Spen Valley constituency work. The sudden shift to electric vehicles, driven by the climate change narrative, poses a threat to jobs and factory operations.

In 2021, President Joe Biden of the USA announced an executive order that orders 50% of all cars and trucks sold in the USA to be 100% electric by 2030.

This astounding move, fuelled by the climate change narrative, directly impacts businesses like Cummins Turbo Technologies, who sell their Turbo Chargers to customers of diesel on and off-highway vehicle manufacturers in the USA.

But, Turbo Chargers don’t go in Electric Vehicles, which have no power creation involving air flow and compresson.

As a result, this 50% drop in demand from their USA customers over a 9-year timeframe, raises concerns about the future of the factory in Huddersfield and the jobs of Spen Valley residents employed there. When there is no further need for the Turbo Chargers the factory produces, what will happen to the site and jobs?

This example is not unique and just one of many real-life impacts to jobs and livelihoods that the Climate Change Narrative puts at real risk in Spen Valley.

What Do I think?

Engaging in an honest debate about climate change and the effectiveness of proposed solutions is crucial.

Climate change is an undeniable reality that has occurred over millions of years, influenced by various factors beyond human control.

Relying solely on achieving Net Zero to halt climate change is impractical, not based in reality and a good example of attempting God-like omnipotent behaviour.

Instead, humanity should prioritise wise spending and adaptive measures, such as investing in targeted defences against sea-level rise, rather than expending trillions of pounds on futile attempts to completely stop climate change.

The push for electric vehicles also presents its challenges, including insufficient charging infrastructure and concerns about sourcing critical raw materials like cobalt, which involves immoral practices like child slavery.

The Reform UK Party advocates for a balanced approach that focuses on tapping into our own vast energy reserves, creating sustainable British jobs, and reducing costs for consumers without burdening them with yet another money making unnecessary tax.